Another Season

Round here you know when the seasons change. Green wheat and oats, yellow Canola and our forever-changing blue skies and white clouds. And the guineafowls start looking for mates. The Blue Cranes dance. The Piet-my-vrou announces himself in the boekenhout thickets around the farm. It is Spring. Life goes on, and starts anew.

Life loses some of its meaning if we do not realise that it ends. Yesterday Ouma died undergoing a caesarian to try to save her and her unborn kids. Eleven years old but stubbornly clinging on to give life. Two healthy young bucks will remind us of JH 1101 and the role she played in establishing our special little herd. And this morning JH 1814 our top goat, gave birth to two boys and a girl. The father, imported semen from Mojave, an Australian American Toggenburg Ram. Think of it, she deserves a name. The place is teeming with little ones and soon Jackie will be making cheese. And Ouma Sue will deliver to clients: cheese and olive oil and wine

We went north during the goat’s maternity leave and the rest period for the grapes. Saw friends and family. Did some tastings, sold a bit of wine and drank some. And saw some amazing wildlife.

Written by Johan Heyns