Goats Cheese

Anysbos goats

Our goats are independent, proud, naughty, loving, stubborn and beautiful. Demanding, wasteful and messy, and noisy.  And in breeding season the boys smell awful. They cost more than they bring in. But we fell for them.

Ten years ago, we started off with a liquorice all sorts herd which turned into a small Toggenburg goat herd. The Toggies are even-tempered and easy to work with, their milk has the softest flavour of all the milk goats. They live longer, so give more milk over a longer period – and they’re not bad looking either.

From the milk we make cheese and the offspring we sell or export.

For all their bad habits we have struck a deal: they don’t give milk during winter. This gives us a chance to get away, go visit the children and grandchildren, or go on holiday.

We produce Caprino (pecorino styled cheese), Cheddar, Chèvre, Camembert, Feta, Halloumi, Tafelberg and Yoghurt. And, of course, frozen milk.

We sell selected goats’ cheese products at the Anysbos tasting room (kindly make an appointment before visiting), as well as through the following outlets:

 - Afdaksrivier Nursery (Hermanus)

 - C Beyond Health (Hermanus)

 - Green Ways Health Shop (Hermanus)

 - Houw Hoek (N2 Farm Stall)

 - Lion’s Square Spar (Somerset West)

 - Martin’s Deli (Stanford)

 - Peregrine (N2 Farm Stall)

 - SuperSpar (Kleinmond)

 - The Cheese Stall (R43 Farm Stall)

 - Ou Meul (Botriver)

 - Zest Kitchen & Deli at Beaumont (Botriver)