Blends - Best Of All Worlds

Anysbos Wine Bin


We believe together is better, stronger and more interesting. This is our philosophy and we're sticking to it. The farm lends itself to this. It allows us to choose what we want to do. And making blends is what we wanted to do from the start. Blends, that we grow, make, and bottle on the farm. 

It all started with the Disdit. We can humbly say that it was well-received and enjoyed amply. It made us think, shouldn't we add more components to our Grenache Noir? So, we added a little Shiraz and then we added a little Cinsaut. And together, we blended a new wine - Tesame. A blend of bush vines grown, blended, and bottled on Anysbos. 

We're just busy finalizing all the nitty-gritty details - the label, SAWIS approval. But, we'll be able to send a case or two your way before winter is in full swing. Watch this space!