Fynbos On Shale

Taking out the invasive Port Jackson has it’s little surprises. In some areas the invasion is so dense that nothing grows under it. We then till the soil and seed it with oats or barley for the goats and cattle. This is usually in the lower lying areas. Clearing and cleaning up is easier, mostly mechanical and quite effective.

The tricky part is the higher lying areas where the invasion is not as severe; where there is a bit of indigenous grass and brush and flowers. Our fynbos on shale.

Getting rid of the invaders here takes repeated spraying and clearing by hand. Year after year. The revival of flowers and grass and the dark green renosterbos makes up for it. To a degree.

We could be picking a rod for our own backs. Are we not creating a haven for Ribbok and Duiker and Hare and Porcupine who so love to trim our precious bush vines? Or will the indigenous grasses and scrub become so nice and nutritious that they will not think of ever eating the young shoots of our vineyards?

We’ll have to wait and see. I have not had Duiker chops; yet. Or Ribbok Biltong.

Written by Johan Heyns