It Rained Last Night

By the time you read this it would have been a day earlier. Thirty-nine millimetres. Not fourty.  Like 93 is two points less than  five stars. Still wonderful but you know what I mean.

An Overberg thunderstorm. No cracking whips. Just furniture being moved. An odd white flicker. But most welcome. Like all farmers we would have liked a little bit more. But we so enjoy not paying for our water.

It rained last night
Last time I wrote something about the coming season. The Birds and the Bees. The Guineafowl and the Blue Cranes. I did not mention the Cape Foxes. As big as a house cat with ears like the bat ear fox. You just do not see them in winter. They get lost in the wheat and canola.

Our only fox. It uses it’s tail as a rudder to turn so sharply to outfox their enemy. Where the Afrikaans name Draaijakkals comes from. It turns on its tail. Now Mr and Mrs Fox did what any hotblooded jackal will do. They made babies. Three of them. So, if, and when, you come visit, look out for mom and dad fox and their little ones on the Swartrivier Road, just outside our gate.

And do watch out for the guinea fowl and crane chicks. There are quite few of them.

Written by Johan Heyns