'n Krismisboks from Platter

Anysbos Platter's 2024 results


Happy Happy! 

TESAME 2021 - 95

It came as a surprise. A welcome surprise. A gift. A Krismisboks. In November. And did we need it. The past two months were a bit of a challenge. But our young rockstar buck, our Tesame, delivered again. It will go better now.

 DISDIT 2022 (Hardly a Wallflower) - 94

How do you explain to this exceptional wine; that she did not get a fifth star this year. That 94 is as good as 95? That she has been performing brilliantly and consistently ever since she came on the scene and has established herself as one of the benchmark white blends. That she has admirers all over the world. Ai.


Everyone on the farm is involved in making these wines. Thank you. But a special thank you to Marelise and Quintus.

For those who still have to get their DISDITS and KRISMISBOKSE you can order online as usual. Good news for those who will be in our part of the world is that the tasting room will be open for most of December. Details to follow.

Johan Heyns